One last look at Cordoba on Sunday night,

and then the last leg of the Spanish Saunter, with a long tourist train to Ronda, which you’ll know from the Beach Boys classic.

The tourist train required a change at Antequera-Santa Ana station, a modern monstrosity with no facilities and 10 miles from the ancient town of Antequera.

Three RENFE staff delightedly told me there were NO facilities on a station the size of Milton Keynes, the cafe having closed recently to spite travellers.

So we were glad to arrive in Ronda and head for the cafe next to Mrs RM’s guest house pick for a double espresso.

My frenzied efforts at Spanglish to order the bargain “Menu del Dia” in Cafe Casa Carmen failed again, apparently “Dia” doesn’t start till about 13:00, so we popped round the corner to the next best highly rated cafe on Trip Advisor that wasn’t in the tourist bit of town.

La Caspuerta was empty at 11:30, but was cheery and homely so we stayed put.

Again, no hot food for an hour, so bargain cold tapas and beer. £12 for a decent lunch including 3 beers, two of them 6.5%.

Oh, and Bossa Nova versions of ’70s Bee Gees classics.

The place filled up a bit with day-trippers ordering milky coffees. “Where is your famous bridge ?” asked a Russian-sounding tourist. Makes a change from “Where is the nearest Wetherspoons ?

I fancied a change om the usual Estrella on tap but found myself unable to say “Nineteen “o” six” in Spanish so in the end took a photo of the bottle (top) and showed them that. The sooner the whole world speaks one language, even if it is Chinese or Latin or Stockportish, the better.

Blimey, the 1906 Reserva is good. Even Mrs RM thought so, and she was having a day off beer.

The bald chap in the picture with an eye patch then came over waving a pointy finger and I thought I was in trouble, but he just wanted me to watch his bag while he went to the loo.

I managed that so successfully he gave me a thumbs up as he left, and I felt as saintly as Saint Francis, named after our wonderful guest house.

We checked in, filled up on free coffee, and hit the town.

If you don’t know Ronda, you’re in for a treat.

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