A short summary of a month when I only got 20 days to attack the GBG, and I’m only half-way into the holiday snaps from Spain.

20 days was enough for 37 GBG ticks, enough to conclude Oxon,

but not much else.

And I got terrible off-piste in Bath, revisiting some old favourites like Brewed Boy,

and one that needs no introduction.

The Bass from the jug in the Star was, of course, the beer of the month.

But let’s give Pub of the Month to Bristol’s Swan with Two Necks, even though it boasts of NOT serving Bass. Go figure.

The Chinese takeaway from outside my Brother-in-laws in Southborough is a very rare new award winner in the takeaway category.

Not a patch on the quid in Spain, mind.


First things first, thanks to Kevin from Nuuk for giving me my first Greenland blog view. Even if he is really Kevin from Greenford with a clever way with VPN on 1 April.

Once I recover from the shock of Bass moving to Preston, I’ll be targeting the South-West in April, and aiming to tidy up Hampshire/Isle of Wight, ashamed that BRAPA beat me to it.

Sadly, Wight means Wight buses, so where’s my personalised sick bag gone ? And why does Baa Baa look so worried.


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