I returned to the UK to read confirmation from The Wickingman that all Bass production would move to Samlesbury and switch to keg.

This is news long expected, following continued supply problems and the lack of support for the brand from CAMRAs looking to exclude Bass venues from the GBG on the grounds it’s not approved “Good” beer (see also : Doom Bar).

In truth, the switch to keg may be a blessing in disguise for a beer plagued by troubling variation in quality and head level.

Ian is generally first with the news, coming from Burton, but I’d actually read about the move last week in the cutting-edge “El Celce” (“UK pub and beer news”) on the bar in CEPA, Cordoba’s only craft bar.

The article (I’m fluent in beer, it’s an international language), gives the history of Draught Bass, its discovery by Claude Manet in 1882, and the prospects for craft keg Bass to replace sherry in the bodegas of Seville once production moves to Preston, which the article says is second only to Blackpool in the UK beer scene.

We visited CEPA for a light lunch on our second day in Cordoba. It’s tucked away on a lane next to St Victoria church a minute from our apartment, and pleasingly had irritating (and wrong) opening hours so I felt at home.

A smart place, it wouldn’t be out of place in the Northern Quarter or Kelham Island, with high tables, clean styling,

and the words “Nue” and “local” and “IPA” prominent. Bit cheaper than Port St Beer House, mind.

Mrs RM grabbed the low table with six seats and we sat for half an hour hoping a bigger group wouldn’t then come in and make use feel guilty with only high tables left.

The beers were nothing special, too chilled and carbonated, and the Cordoban pasties (I assume) need a bit of work,

but when they start importing Draught Bass from Samlesbury in 2023, as I suggested to them in my best Spanglish as I left, you’ll be able to visit Cordoba and get a decent beer.


  1. Is Ian 100% certain about this, as whilst the keg version of Bass may well be moving to Samlesbury, the cask version is contract brewed in Burton, by Marstons.

    There is no reason to discontinue the cask reason, as any poor sales are down to the total lack of promotion by the parent company, rather than disdain from a few vociferous CAMRA members.

    It will be a very sad day if i does disappear, and I’m sure the five of us, who enjoyed the Bass at the Star, in Bath last month, will look back on that experience with nostalgia, and longing.


      1. Still,it can’t be all bad,I hear Brew Dog are to make a version of Mercer’s Meat Stout with dog in it,which part of the dog is commercially sensitive information

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      2. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine the CAMRAs doing much about this. They’re too busy producing podcasts, and getting on down with the kids, than bothering about 200 years of history, and the disappearance of one of our most iconic beer brands

        Veteran members, such as Roger Protz might have other ideas though, as I know he is a huge fan of Draught Bass. There may be others!!


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