Yes, that object above is the star of Malaga’s Picasso museum, an essential but hardly comprehensive run-through the genius’s works in a gorgeous old building.

Mrs RM and I have rather different views on art, but then she doesn’t like sours.

She reckons his teenage sketches and mid-period works,

are better than the stuff he knocked out in his ’80s (“taking the**** by then“) says Mrs RM,

while I tend to have the opposite view.

There’s a section called something like “Picasso & Pals”, though I didn’t know he was mates with Banksy. I’m sure he’d have loved the art in Weston-super-Mare.

But, just like in the best pubs, the highlights are the signs on the loos.

The Gents just about makes sense;

but the ladies is frankly disturbing, and totally confounded Mrs RM.

Right behind the museum is the Bodega el Pimpi, the “must see” bar for cruise ship absconders and day trippers from Marbella alike.

We gave it a miss. The queues were daft, the reviews said “tourist trap”. We may regret that decision if it turns out to have been the Whitelocks of the Costa del Sol.


  1. I’m with Mrs RM on this one, his 30s stuff was the best.
    That thing isn’t pointy enough for the Klan, looks more like some kind of plug to me.


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