I know a bandwagon when I see it, and Blackpool Jane (full English) and BRAPA (Spoons pizza) are going BIG on this “food” thing at the moment.

In the interests of research, I’ve been trying some of this “food” stuff in Spain this week, mainly because it’s easier to take photos of calamari than cask beer on the Costa del Sol.

Back in Malaga from Torremolinos we felt obliged not to waste the lengthening evenings by reading enriching books or playing Ludo, and Mrs RM is delighted to find she’s walked more than 70 miles this last week. That’s about 9,052 calories walked off, or half the wine drank on Tuesday.

Those miles are particularly impressive in light of the relentless cobbles, the interminable road crossings, and my need to stop every 30 seconds to capture “art” and architecture.

I really think we’ve reached peak “inappropriate Ramones T-shirt” now, don’t you ?

Our tea (breakfast in Spain) stop is tucked away in a side street near the cathedral, and I’ve only just noticed the little characters on that pole.

Kraken is possible as cutting-edge as central Malaga tapas gets, though we did miss a place called Sherlock Holmes, as well as Lemmy’s bar.

There’s a Tapas bar and an inside restaurant in the little courtyard.

Last Wednesday we accidentally sat underneath the only uncovered table in the square just before the drizzle started, so Mrs RM had to use Google Translate to ask “Scuzee Ok may we table move ta“.

At least the menu (or at least the one we were given) is in Queen’s English.

Are we still allowed to buy authentic Russian salad ?

I don’t think (hope) that UD means what you think it does. And DON’T ask what’s in the Russian salad.

The tapas was so good we just went back, which you can well imagine I hate doing, and I finally had their legendary octopus sandwich (top).

As always in Spain, I have no ideas what “beer” the “beer” is, probably Cruzcampo, but I admire the squat little glass from the Camden playbook (no NBSS available).

A lovely evening, but as we slept that night the storms were already whipping up, and before the next day was out Malaga looked like this (courtesy of top Twitter bloke Christian),

as half the Sahara passed over us. Hey, it’s supposed to shine on the righteous, Mr Sahara.

9 thoughts on “TEA IN THE SAHARA (SORT OF)

      1. Yes, Lerwick has zero (0) GBG entries. Even the bar at the Lerwick Brewery doesn’t have cask as far as I know.


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