Back In Blackpool – Last Friday Night.

Evo Boozy Scribbler

I’ve been needing a trip to Blackpool for a while. My last one was in 2018 and we don’t get to go there currently since Blackpool, Fleetwood Town and Morecambe have all decided that they are too good be in our league.

So a couple of months ago I sought out train tickets, hotel and drinking buddies and it was all good. Although at the time off booking I had no idea that I would be leaving my job of 22 years the day before travel.

So the big day arrived. I was buzzing. I’d walked out of work for the last time the day before with a lot of alcohol and a big smile on my face and now I was ready to party. I’d managed to get a train direct from Birmingham to Blackpool North which was a bonus. All I had to do was leave the station…

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