This blog does NOT approve of flags or commemorations or national anthems or minutes silences, and particularly disapproves of Saints Days.

But I was still disappointed to see that my local Hillsborough Spoons had no authentic Oirish meals last week, though Sheffield’s own Bradfield had kindly produced a special beer.

I have NO idea what I was doing in the Rawson Spring at 11:15 on my rest day. I should have been in Morrisons buying salad.

But if you can’t derive joy from life when you’re retired what hope is there ?

And sitting watching Old Boys reading the Racing Post while you enjoy a cool, rich £1.60 with CAMRA discount is one of life’s joys.

Ooh, lacings.

I didn’t make it to the Morrisons salad counter, but I did bring Mrs RM back a pork bap from Crawshaws. £3.20 feeds two and the unpictured crackling would feed a Black Country family of four.

In the evening we met some friends from Waterbeach for tea at Mount Lebanon on West Street.

I’m only 10% into Sheffield’s pub stock a year in, and even less into the middle eastern restaurants on West Street.

Great company, great food, particularly the mixed grill, friendly if casual service. That’s the right way round.

The news from Waterbeach is of constant change as a new super City is being built in time for the World Craft Beer Championship in 2034.

I would need to go home to investigate for myself.

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