Six ticks on a Saturday, and a sensational set of steps;

My professional work was done;

But having paid a high marginal cost for the rail ticket I felt compelled to squeeze maximum value out of it, just like BRAPA would.

A pre-emptive in Preston ? There’s always something new in Preston.

Hopwoods Tap House had just opened that afternoon.

Thirty-four (34) beers ! Perhaps I’ll give it a miss.

Instead I arranged to see Mr. Preston himself, Matthew, in the CAMRA-approved micro.

Preston was benefitting from the sunshine I bring to every town I visit.

Having arrived a full two hours earlier than I’d told Matthew, before the football crowds hit the bars, I thought it might be quiet.

But the Guild Ale House was packed, and noisy, and it was a joy to see pubs returning to a semblance of normality.

It’s a good pub, with good beer, but again the Mallinson’s wasn’t quite cool and crisp enough to make me want to stay for a second, so I dragged Matthew threw Fishergate to the Old Vic, distinguishable from its Stockport namesake by the lack of the “e”.

I love the Old Vic, the perfect station pub except it’s across the road. Last time here I had Heineken 0.0 after a particularly bad night, so let’s remind ourselves why we love cask and love the Ossett.

Yep, Silver King was pretty wonderful, cool and crisp (3.5). All the table were taken up by blokes older than us, but one chap allowed, no implored us to join him.

He was an Albrighton-based Burnley fan, just back from an early kick off and heavy defeat against Chelsea, and Matthew won him over with his football talk about 1987 escapes and all that, though I sensed that deserting him for the train was a bit cruel since I’d dragged him away from the micro comforts of then Guild.

Just for Blackpool Jane, here’s Blackpool East Station.

She’d have enjoyed the disgruntled Bournemouth fan banter on the 18:14.

The goalkeeper’s entitled come out and close the angle”.

But he maimed their player, Dave. Had to be a second yellow“.

9 thoughts on “PRIDE OF PRESTON

  1. You didn’t bring the sunshine to Bath yesterday, so perhaps you are losing your touch?

    It was still a most enjoyable day out though, despite the rain, and good to catch up with you and meet the southern contingent of the Beer and Pubs Forum. 🍺

    Liked by 2 people

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