More encroachment into Life After Football territory, as I approach the ACTUAL border between Derby and Nottingham, the very point at which Clough switches from Ram to Tree.

Yes, it’s Long Eaton, again. The town you’re guaranteed an annual GBG trip to that will NEVER quite result in a stay long enough to make a curry or Chinese recommendation, but where you will find a decent bap.

Sawley Junction, confusingly opposite Long Eaton station, is a micro (obvs, it’s 2021), which means you’ll somehow walk past the entrance and instead approach Soldiers & Sailors (probably Shipstones) and Conker Bespoke (probably Magpie Conker DIPA).

It’s busy outside, and almost impossible to take a photo without standing in the middle of the B6540 which is NOT recommended.

After a couple of pretty plain micros of late, the Junction is lovably cluttered, and offers the promise of a reasonably comfortable seat.

Now, I’m sure I’ve noted this before, but mature (30+) East Midlands folk like to dress up to go out on Saturday night, which is scary but at least they’re going out. Some of my pubs of late have been painfully quiet and it can’t always be because they’re hiding from BRAPA.

Great to see groups of all ages out and about, chatting about tram prices and England wing backs (possibly).

More really lovely staff ask me to choose a table, then almost immediately ask me to move to a smaller one I’d missed so there’s space for a group of three. Sometimes I wish I was a group of three and could sit where I like without fear of taking up unnecessary space on the earth.

The soundtrack seems to verge from Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” (again) to less cutting edge pop, but frankly all I can gear is that gorgeous buzz of conversation we’ve missed for so long.

Wear Your Masks To Get Your Casks” shouts the Landlord. Not for too much longer, I hope.

I’m given a brightly-coloured beer list, because that’s why people go to pubs, to taste different beers.

Life is so complicated when its not Bass or Pedi, isn’t it ?

SO tempted to ask for “Bang the Elephant” to show how craft I am, but I genuinely haven’t had a pint of Mallinsons for years and I want to know if they’re any good. Someone else has the Mallinsons as well, which vindicates my decision.

It’s a decent glass of grapefruit murk. No Almasty, but decent (NBSS 3+). I hate the glass though.

And the bloke far left with the rucksack, who I have marked down as a pub ticker, doesn’t like that bench he’s forced to use which leaves his feet dangling in mid air, but at least it’s not me.

But you know what, Im sawley tempted (geddit) to pop back soon with Mrs RM and do it properly, and find you a curry recommendation. Unless Life After Football has already done it.

22 thoughts on “SAWLEY TEMPTED

  1. I really liked this one, friendly welcome and went from half empty to full in about 15 minutes, which almost felt uncomfortable until I got used to having voices all around. I’d never heard of lazy bay brewery but the beer was excellent.

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  2. I’m not drinking grapefruit murk and certainly not out of an abomination like that glass. I’d have had Landlord out of that lot but I’m not cutting edge like you.

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      1. The above exchange between Scott, Bill and Dave illustrates one of the perils of writing a blog like this. The blogger’s regular readers get to know not only about your taste in beer and pubs, but also how your marriage works!

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    1. Trip to Wilko and RM household is now in possession of some shiny new edge trimmers and a telescopic tree pruner too. If any of you young lads would like to instruct Mr RM on what to do with them, that would be marvelous. Mr RM is clearly too shy to mention that he is proficient in housemaid duties and is usually the one to do the washing up, laundry and floor mopping. He is also good at coffee and fetching stuff… So now you know how we roll. 🙂

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  3. Agreed, Dave. I think Martin has a serious aversion to both gardening and household chores! Failing that, Mrs RM is either very understanding, or is glad to get him out of the house!

    As for that “glass” – it’s more like a vase than a vessel for drinking out of.


  4. Long Eaton Station was actually called Sawley Junction until it was re-named (after the original station called Long Eaton was closed).

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      1. Not really Paul. Edgeley became plain old ‘Stockport’ after Tiviot Dale station closed in 1967. Sawley Junction was renamed Long Eaton in 1968.


      2. So what was what we know as Stockport railway station named in the years up to 1967 ?


      3. I’ve just looked it up and it was Stockport Edgeley from 1923 to 1967 so that’s my long term memory f****d as well as short term.


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