Before we start, I thought you’d like to see a Sheffield sunset from the top of the hill outside our house next to the Blind Monkey.

If you’re lucky I’ll bring you a “hill and pub” guide to all the locations used in “The Full Monty“.

My in-laws certainly got the best of the Great Northern weather during their fourteen (14) day holiday in Sheffield, and when they come back in 2041 I hope they’ll be able to visit some more of our great pubs like the Shakespeare, one of several you’ll know that I’m saving till all the restrictions are relaxed.

Last Friday I went for a wander round town, looking for signs of of the bounce back.

With the main bar areas pedestrianised, Devonshire Street wasn’t quite as busy as Manchester’s Stevenson Square at 15:23, but Proper Pubs called things like Bungalows & Bears (Grolsch on draught) looked to be filling up.

Talking of Proper Pubs;

ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 29 – Brew Dog, Devonshire Street

“Brew Dog, you say ? Weren’t they cancelled last week ?”

Twitter storm or not, you know I love an, um, underdog.

I also love their food, but perversely I’m here for one of their non-alcoholic beers after recent exertions, so somehow resist the one with Simcoe in the title.

It’s very quiet, but frankly I nearly always find Brew Dogs quiet during the day. It makes for an easier appreciation of their heritage pubs.

The naff soundtrack, a key feature of the Brew Dog appeal, swerves from Fleetwood Mac (“The Chain”) to Blink-182 and I pine for the trip hop of the Dog & Partridge the previous day.

I also pine for a proper beer, or at least a good non-alcoholic beer like Jever Fun or Heineken 0.0.

Yes, it’s completely tasteless. And nearly a fiver. And now my tummy was full of fizz.

Suddenly, I needed a proper beer. Follow that man…

16 thoughts on “INTO THE EYE OF THE STORM

  1. What’s funny to me about a company like Brewdog is their positioning themselves as built to “REVOLUTIONISE THE BEER INDUSTRY.” When I look at the beer list and the decor of their pubs they really are just an imitation of the US craft brewers. They really haven’t done anything unique. Even the tables in your photo are literally the same tables you see in pubs in the US. For people trying to position themselves as “out there” they really seem more like followers to me. And pretty darn good marketers…

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    1. Craft brewers are identical in look and beer range, aren’t they. Mrs RM subscribed to Beer 52 during lockdown; you get 8 cans from craft brewers and it’s the same ingredients and styles every month; all the invention comes in the can graphics !

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      1. And that JOIN THE CRAFT BEER REVOLUTION looks to me to have been copied from a LONG LIVE THE WATNEYS RED REVOLUTION advert of forty nine years ago

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      2. Yes, many of them taste exactly the same across brewers. I’m not convinced we need the number of brewers that exist. Less brewers at a slightly larger scale would likely improve the quality of beers offered with no reduction in choice of flavors offered. The graphics are great and there is no question some of the brewers are excellent at marketing.


      3. Yes, if only we had just, oh I don’t know, Six Big Brewers. And that keg beer is so consistent, isn’t it? I blame Camra.

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  2. “Follow that man…” You mean the one with the same shoulder bag as I’ve got, and the same white cap bought at a car boot sale in France, trying to get his phone to open up the NHS test & trace app so that he, OK, *I* can enter the pub, little suspecting that I was being stalked.

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  3. Interesting I quite liked Punk Alcohol free but a lot of things put me off BD ..Still think Ghost Ship 0.5 % pretty good ..also low abv Southwold also Adnams from M and S pretty acceptable..Lidl do a low alcohol Weiss beer which suits me real Weissbier and I’m full !
    Bit off piste but Coop Own brand bitter at 2.8 % has a very good mouth feel for the low abv


  4. If you actually go into Bungalows & Bears you will find 4 handpumps (or at least you did before this crap started) serving Abbeydale Moonshine and 3 changing guests. There’s a large sign that says “To The Woods” directing you to the toilets which is amusing as well.


  5. You know you shouldn’t trust Will with this kind of thing. He’s not as young and trendy as wot we ‘is. :-))


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