Some more nice pubs exteriors, and interiors, for you, as I continue my attempt to do all the pubs in Sheffield as well as all the pubs in the Beer Guide.

I won’t get very far if I keep making return visits to the same pubs, though. But as I mentioned yesterday, I’m focusing on the pubs rather than the ticks while we still have pubs.

Let’s briefly stalk the sharp-dressed Sheffield Hatter back to the Dog & Partridge.

I forgot to show you the rest of the pub last time. A design clasic.

Just like in Cambridge’s Eagle, the darkened walls of the D & P contain graffiti from visiting CAMRA members from as far away as Elsecar and Penistone from the 1940s.

You’ll recall I’d nominated Friday a day to explore the UK’s low alcohol beers, and asked the genial barman for a low ABV choice, 0.4 % I think. But Will’s dark beer looked SO good I had to have a half of that as well.

After 10 minutes it struck me that the one on the right wasn’t quite as low an ABV beer as I thought (my hearing), and when did you last see a very low alcohol real ale (Answer : 2012, Bredwdog Edge).

So my best laid plans went out of the window, but at least the proper beer cancelled out the Brew Dog fizz, and frankly an hour spent discussing Luton right backs in time well spent.

My phone rang, Mrs RM summoning me home, but I agreed to see Will safely into the newly refurbished Ship on the edge of Kelham Island (top).

Perhaps the most attractive building on the route from the M1 back to my house, and at one point a GBG entry. I guess for some any pub with a sign with the name of the pub and “Artisan Tap” must raise alarm bells, and the modernised Ship may have a bit too much “distressed” features for the Old Codger (not Will, he’s Mr Modern), but it’s certainly classily done.

A rare playing of “Daddy Cool” prompted some debate on the musical merits of Darts that lasted all of 13 seconds, and my notes say “Will joke”, but let’s gloss over that.

The Abbeydale Moonshine was decent, perhaps a 3, but Pravha seemed to be the beer of choice, as it is throughout Sheffield. A rare outing for Marston’s Saddle Tank, too.

Mrs RM wants to come here, so I’ll come back for a more leisurely afternoon, when hopefully they won’t play the LIVE version of “Gold, always believe in your soul”.


  1. “We’ve got Sol!” Sol Davis was our *left* back – “He’s indestructible”.

    Nifty photography – your half looks bigger than my pint! A rather dull Marston’s Saddle Tank – not a patch on the very good Bombardier I’m drinking right now in the Queen’s Ground.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Get yourself down there. It’s only 0.1%.

        Sorry, that should have been 4.1%, if course.


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