Mrs RM and I spent most of this week on an emergency mission to the in-laws in Southborough. The crisis appears to have been diverted, and more importantly a new addition to my Top 10 Chinese takeaways found, in the most unexpected of places.

Southborough is essentially one long street along the A26 with Paul Bailey Mansions at the top (just into Tonbridge) and the petrol stations of Royal Tunbridge Wells at the foot.

Poorly pubbed, just the Imperial on the corner these days. The once mighty Bat & Ball stands forlorn alongside the new civic centre (above),

and some wag has interposed old and new photos of Wells life on the wall of the building site. Note the Bass signage. Paul will know where this is/was.

My brother-in-law Paul lives across the road, near the Bethel chapel,

and the Chinese takeaway.

Note rare ’80s blue plastic seating at Meow’s, also notable for being open lunchtimes.

Open lunchtimes !

Reader, we had takeaways Wednesday AND Friday lunchtime. Special fried rice, Singapore rice, crispy beef and sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong rice, scoffed at noon in Paul’s flat. And Meow’s was cheap, friendly and prompt.

Blimey, this was good. Not quite Chung Hwa standard, obviously, but fresh and gooey and and hot and satisfyingly crisp (NCTSS 4). It must add £25k (approx. 5%) on to average house prices round here.

Why “Meow’s” ? I dread to think.

4 thoughts on “Meow’s

  1. I must have driven past Meow’s dozens of times – including four occasions within the last week! We usually order our Chinese, from the Mandarin, which is at the north end of Tonbridge. Mrs PBT’s likes it, as they deliver direct, rather than via Deliveroo, Uber etc, but I might persuade her to give Meow’s a try.

    Agree, shame about all the ex-pubs in Southborough. The Bat & Ball was a lunchtime favourite, back when I worked in High Brooms, and when boozy pub lunches weren’t frowned upon by companies. My bet is the developers who currently own the site, are just going to let it rot, so it falls down of its own accord.

    I imagine it is listed, so trotting out the excuse that “we had to demolish it, as the structure had become unsafe,” will be their approach. A real shame, as it was a smashing little pub, that offered something for everyone.


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