Welcome to the contractually obligated highlights package for February, a month in which I completed the GBG pubs for London, Oxon, Merseyside, West Midlands, Cheshire, Durham, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and North Yorkshire. Eleven (11) counties in a month, a record.

That’s great, though in actuality it only knocked forty-four (44) pubs off the spreadsheet, as many of those counties only had one or two to tick. BRAPA has it easy.

More spreadsheets soon, if Duncan asks nicely.

The most dramatic event of the month was the self-immolation of Turnpike Lane, which will be turned into a Netflix series starring Jim Broadbent as me, Brad Pitt as Maltmeister, and Emma Stone as Mrs RM.

For their excellence in putting out fires, I award the Westbury my prestigious Pub of the Month. Their burger and beer were high class, too.

The Alexandra was a worthy runner-up.

It was a great month for food, with the Rise pizza at Cloudwater the over-indulgence of the month.

And the beer of the month goes to this twiggy microbrew modelled by the Sheffield Hatter;

But place of the month goes to Whitburn, Sunderland, which looked stunning on a bitter February night but whose two micropubs both shone as bright as Seldon’s Leisureworld.


Lots of pubs hopefully, I need to be doing 14 a week from now on, so I’ll be targeting the West Country before the little foreign jaunt I promised Mrs RM comes along and ruins my flow.

Mind you, Malaga looks pretty good (photo : Christian Machowski).


  1. I can suggest a great pre-emptive Trad Malaga Wine & Seafood Bar for when CAMRA finally accept unfiltered fortified wines as real ale at the 2025 AGM. And don’t forget the Roman Amphitheatre which is probably a craft beer bar by now.

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      1. They’ve missed a trick there. Instead the rather old-fangled Antigua Casa De Guardia (Alameda Principal, 18), just barrels, a low bar, and an old fella in the corner prepping plates of Mussels. Wonderful place but stick to halves, pokey stuff…


    1. Is it a non-fungible asset backed by Bitcoin. They’re the safest investment.

      I wish you’d been blogging when you completed the Guide (2015 or 16 ?); the tales of tension as the line approached would have made gripping reading. Am currently stuck in a Tunbridge Wells Innkeepers Lodge having driven 5 hours for no tick (funeral) contemplating where the next tick is coming from.

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      1. I think it’s Britcoins, a new ruse the oligarchs are deploying to avoid sanctions apparently. With the collusion of the Treasury naturally. Yes the stakes get higher the closer you get. The Isle of Man incident nearly jettisoned it in 2015 but am definitely slacking this year.

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