I do TRY to keep this blog as a diary, but some times it’s more like a dairy, pumping out cheesy ’80s pop tunes.

A week ago, I returned from Norfolk via my parents to find Baa Baa Toure looking like the goat that got the cream. Or something.

My new GBG had finally arrived., a mere 2 weeks after some of my rival fellow tickers.

Note the damage at bottom left. My GBG22 already looks more worn than a near pristine GBG21 that only got six months use.

The packaging of the Beer Guide is the No. 1 item of discussion on CAMRA Discourse, ahead of topics like “Top 10 places to drink Doom Bar” and “Can I get CAMRA discount at the Etihad ?”

Very disappointed in packaging used. Guide had obviously been dropped and damaged. Jiffy bags aren’t up to the vagaries of the postal service. A cost cut too far methinks. Suspect I’ll ditch Privilege Club next year and use a supplier with better packaging.”

I really couldn’t care much about a little wear nd tear; once you’ve stopped at East Markham McDonalds and given Simon a lift or two you’ll find your Guide is covered with dubious substances anyway.

I’m much more by the ongoing renovations to retiredmartin Towers, which mean I’ve spent valuable cross-checking time moving boxes of vinyl from room to room. And then a different room.

And that first Friday night was spent just up the hill at the Blind Monkey, where not only had they put on a barrel of Bradfield Belgian Blue (NBSS 3+), which marks the beginning of Christmas in Sheffield,

they’d also got the pizza oven back to full speed, producing the best pub grub in Walkley.

The cask isn’t the high point at the Monkey, Mrs RM sticks with some local craft, but there’s always a mixed crowd in there and obscure indie and I’m getting to regard it as a bit of a local. So we stayed for a second pint.

So I only finished Bedfordshire that night (top). But I’m making progress, and although we’ve just called out the plumber to fix the loo I should be able to bring you the results of GBG cross-checking from the retiredmartin jury tomorrow. There will be tears.


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