Back to Manchester on Thursday for a haircut and a gig with James. Much less depressing than football at the moment. Blackpool Jane will never know the pain of only being six (6) points ahead of the Scouse having played a game more and with a six-pointer to come. We’ll struggle to stay up.

While James got chopped, I nipped out for a look at the library.

OK, that didn’t take long. Let’s have a pint.

Now I’ve written about the City Arms a fair bit, quite recently in fact (here). I said then it was probably my Manchester pub of choice, but it’s never had the retiredmartin Top 100 Pub certification that is currently worth more than a non-fungible asset, whatever that is.

Until now.

I enter via the wrong door, obviously,

and notice the tables are already filling up scarily quickly as I dither over my beer choice.

Only joking, it’s Plum Porter, of course.

There’s my table. Perfect view.

Stammtisch. Decent full-back under John Bond, wasn’t he ?

This may be the best seat in which to enjoy Plum Porter in the country.

Cool, rich, foamy (NBSS 4). I counted six pints poured while I was there, wondering all the time when the little Titanic boat would emerge on the glass.

Lovely trad toilets too, decorated by Workington fans on their way to an FA Trophy match at Ashton.

But who is Dean Marney ?

Probably played for Blackpool. Jane will know.

6 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – CITY ARMS, MANCHESTER

  1. “Stammtisch,” table in a German pub reserved for regulars. Does this mean the City Arms isn’t a proper pub?

    Asking, in view of your comments last week, regarding the Rock, at Chiddingstone Hoath. 🤔🤔


    1. While I have the utmost respect for anyone from West Bromwich (always thought they were from Kiddy) I must say that “Blokes who wear stitched together beer mats for clothing” deserve their own category in the ticking stakes.

      Liked by 1 person

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