Peter Allen lived in Stirchley, and during Lockdown he produced a lovely guide to the village/ward/suburb and it’s main drag, voted one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the UK in 2020.

In a small tribute to Peter I took a wander from Cadbury World to Maggie’s Munchies before the hearse set off from the legendary Bournville Cafe*.

I haven’t been to Cadbury World land since nearly overdosing on molten chocolate a decade ago, and I’d forgotten how gorgeous the area is.

Top Tip : Don’t stand HERE while cars are coming through the bridge over under the canal.

Some cracking civic buildings round here,

but of course you’re here for the shop fronts, aren’t you ?

Fish Sauce Is Not For Everyone“, says Maggie’s Munchies, brooking no argument.

Pershore Road (aka A441) really is a gorgeous neighbourhood, comparable to my own Walkley, or Cambridge’s Mill Road, or eastern Ramsgate. It’s packed with ethnic eateries, essential ephemera (?) and plain weirdness. It’s no wonder Peter never saw the need to leave Brum after moving from Scunthorpe.

Two must-see pubs, neither of which I visited yesterday. The Wildcat is the craft bar in the GBG,

and the British Oak was, and might be again, once that puddle evaporates and it’s safe to go to the door.

I suspect I’ll be back in Stirchley, probably at an improbable hour as there’s two breweries hereabouts (see map) and breweries conceive brewery taps with daft opening hours.

*So famous there’s a scale model of it, the exemplar Edwardian corner caff.

Thanks to Bournville Cafe for their hospitality.

9 thoughts on “BOURNVILLE

  1. I had Holdens last time I was in the British Oak.
    Bourneville reminds me of Stafford’s history, “In Victorian times local shoe factory owners wanted to provide an alternative place of refreshment for their workers who were frequenting local pubs at lunchtimes and consuming too much alcohol, and so the Cocoa House was born.” It’s just across the Marston Road from the ‘one beer is plenty’ Joiners Arms and has recently been converted into a beauty salon.

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  2. A mate of mine who’s known for liking a drink or three lives on the Bournville housing estate which the teetotal Quaker Cadburys built for their workforce. He once signed a petition to keep it alcohol free which a neighbour brought round as he didn’t want to fall out with her and wasn’t that bothered about having to walk to the pubs and off licences just beyond its boundaries.

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    1. It was really noticeable how few pubs there are in that south-west part of Brum. A few Ember Inns and other chain diners (would have been smart roadhouses in their day), and now a few micros, but very few “boozers” obvious for such a large population.


      1. In general there are very few pubs in inter-wars suburban developments anywhere.

        I commuted through Bournville for three years when at university, first by bus and then by train.

        Didn’t Peter have reservations about the welcome in the British Oak?

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  3. When the shutter is down on Maggie’s Munchies it says “Eat Vietnam”.*

    Wouldn’t a simple “Enjoy a meal here” have been better for business?

    *Acknowledgements Google Streetview

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