I’m just back from celebrating the life of Peter Allen in his adopted and much loved home town of Birmingham. South Brum, importantly, not far from Cadbury World. Or the hills.

It really was a celebration of life, with friends from his fascinating career and hobbies providing memories of Pete’s work, quizzes, love for Carling, and ties. Especially the ties. I took one home and will wear it at our next Codgers trip. Pete would like that.

Before meeting Pete in 2017 I was aware of him through his excellent blog about canals and pubs, and got to know him well over the course of many an entertaining pub crawl across the Greater Midlands and even The North.

Here he is looking quizzical in Rugby, along with another lost friend of this blog.


And here’s his drink of choice on World Cup Semi Final Day in Digbeth a year later. Proper head, that.


Pete loved life, and pubs. We did regularly get Pete to drink that dreadful real ale stuff, but anyone who thinks pub crawls are about beer is missing the point.

You could talk to Pete about anything, he was great pub company. I’m not sure we actually agreed about anything important (football, politics or beer), but life is better when you can have conversations with people with a different perspective to you.

Pete will be missed by many. Thanks for the memories, mate.


  1. Well said, Martin. Thanks for going to the funeral and representing pub men everywhere who met Pete and enjoyed his company.

    There are hills? Why did no one tell me before.

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  2. A fine post. I only met Pete for the first time in Stockport but would be good to raise a glass in his memory on an outing soon. Can’t make Bath but maybe some Birmingham classics next time round?

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  3. A nice write-up Martin, and a lovely tribute to Pete. I want to echo what others have said here, and thank-you for attending his memorial service on behalf of all who appreciate proper pubs, decent beer and good company.

    I only had the pleasure of Pete’s company on those three days out in Shifnal, Burton & Stockport, but found him affable, and knowledgeable across a wide range of subjects. It was a real pleasure to have known him, and to have shared a few pints with him.

    ps. I will be looking out for you, in Bath on Friday, wearing that tie!

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