Has anyone ever driven up that lane next to 199 steps in Whitby ?

Hard enough for most visitors to walk it, and BRAPA had to moan about the step count last week, didn’t he, but I’d not drive up Church Lane if you paid me enough to afford a room overnight on a Saturday in August.

Whitby has bounced back from Covid more impressively than Woking or Workington. Even during lockdown folk would drive here from York and Middlesbrough and have signs left on their windscreens telling them to p*** off.

As Blackpool Jane found out recently, not the most friendly of seaside towns, your custom acknowledged grudgingly. But on a crisp, clear day I can see the appeal.

Hard to come here and not have fish and chips, but I haven’t been blown away by the chippies and after the previous night’s culinary efforts I was virtually fasting.

I’ll drag Mrs RM back and do the pubs again, properly. They still look great.

But today’s tick is (drum roll) a brewery tap. Who’d’ve guessed that ?

Whitby Brewery, in a farm shed opposite the Abbey. Sounds idyllic.

But as Simon found out, the only folk who can make it up the steps are Helly Hansen dressed youngsters from Harrogate fussing about pizza toppings and forgetting their table number.

It takes me 10 minutes to get a half of the Jet Black, during which time I stand still to avoid bumping into a step ladder. Pub step ladders are big in 2022.

The staff are really nice, the soundtrack is the Clash (’82 version, the poppy one), the beer is cool and gorgeous (NBSS 3.5), and there’s a great view of brewery stuff. You know how much I love seeing brewery stuff.

I think this container is what they put the beer in, but don’t rely on that.

Nicely graffitied bench seats; note the “HCFC” left by Hull Tigers fan Simon.

I last 5 minutes inside, then take the garden seats. The view of the Abbey isn’t great, with blokes wandering around looking for girlfriends who are dithering over pizza menus, so I made the extra effort to get you a nice pic.

Don’t expect such effort ALL the time.

9 thoughts on “THE 199 STEPS TO A WHITBY TICK

  1. I have a Helly Hansen jacket and I’ve walked up those steps. But I’m old and knackered now so if we ever return, I’m going to MAKE Mrs B drive up that lane.

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