More East London fun, though more strictly the ancient county of Essex, and I know how seriously my readers take their historic counties.

On the southern edge of Epping Forest, but within spitting distance (don’t spit) of the dying trail of the M11, lies Woodford, famous as the birthplace of Derek B, the third (3rd) ever rapper to appear on Top of the Ops.

Don’t blame me, I just nick this stuff from Wiki.

It’s a short hop from Grange Hill tube. I was probably the only person at Cottenham Village College who didn’t get the appeal of Grange Hill and the flying sausage in the late ’70s, and anyway the fictional school was set in North London. But I know how to use clickbait.

That is the green in Woodford Bridge, home to a second Chigwellesque new tick in GBG22. The Crown & Crooked Billet is a very Epping Forest pub name (see also : Old Maypole, New Fairlop Oak, La Sala).

It’s Sunday, it’s February, it’s Rugby Union Six Nations on the telly time. But that’s not why it’s backed, it’s just Essex/East London folk going back to the pub as if Covid never happened.

So, how does a smart village pub offering Pride, Doom Bar and Black Sheep get in the Guide ?

Are you a CAMRA ? Have you got your card ?

I don’t generally claim discounts, but after the week CAMRA have had in the media I felt compelled to show my allegiance by flashing my gold card to get 50p and save cask.

Yes, the Pride was drinking well; cool, rich and with a perfect head (NBSS 3.5).

But Table 12 was the hottest table in town, and I drank up and gave the table to a couple of hoverers. I’m all heart.

7 thoughts on “GRANGE HILL

  1. “After the week CAMRA have had in the media I felt compelled to show my allegiance.” Have I missed something, Martin?

    I did read something about a diversity survey causing a spot of bother, but surely it wasn’t that bad? By the way, I don’t pay that much attention to the MSM, so all joking aside, this is a serious question.

    ps. I rarely claimed discounts when I was a CAMRA member. A membership card is just another useless piece of plastic, taking up space in one’s wallet but, more to the point, when pubs are struggling, it seems only right to offer the full amount in return for a pint, rather than expect a discount.

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      1. Thanks Martin, even when I was a CAMRA member, I never logged onto the Discourse site, but I have now taken a look at Pete Brown’s site.

        The comments that Pete refers to, came from the MSM, with the Daily “Hate” Mail singled out for special mention. No real surprises there, but they don’t reflect my experiences of 40 years membership of CAMRA. During this time, I was an active member of two separate branches, and always found the campaign inclusive, outward looking and welcoming to all.

        To me, it sounds like a case of mischief making on behalf of the Daily Mail, and the chance to wind up its well-know, middle-England/little England, readership, rather than a serious attempt to discredit CAMRA’s efforts to ensure it remains inclusive and welcoming to all sectors of society.


  2. I’m really sorry to learn that, Martin. We all know that alcohol can lower inhibitions, but there is no excuse for that sort of behaviour.

    The last thing CAMRA needs is for women, or any other group, to be put off from attending beer festivals. What is wrong with people?

    Btw, tried and failed to log onto Discourse. Not surprising as it’s over two years ago now, that my membership lapsed.

    On a more cheerful note, I rather like that part of London, bordering on Epping Forest. Proper Essex, but none the worse for that. There are some good pubs there, too!

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