Higham’s Park ? Where’s that ?

I had no idea. Well, obviously I knew it was somewhere in East London near the North Circular, I’m not THAT daft, but the issue was more WHAT is Highams Park ?

See, Chingford rarely draws Beer Guide tickers here. Walthamstow has had a good run of hipster bars (all opening at 4pm) but the last ticks in “Birds of a Feather” land were 20 years ago and sold Adnams Bitter in ancient pubs with “King” in the title.

But Higham’s Park, birthplace of Fred Pontin, Teddy Sheringham and Blazin’ Squad, at last has a GBG entry. Note the GBG ticking hordes rushing from the station with carrier bags full of pub mascots.

It’s customary to bring you the best of the street art, so here’s the Tesco.

And here’s the Stag & Lantern, which doesn’t sound very micro but certainly looks one.

Note the hipster barbers next door.

Now, this isn’t as gorgeous as my last two pubs in Wakefield and Hull, but it was lovely in its own way.

The Guvnor, seen pouring my New River Pale Ale from the barrel, was a lovely man, and that “We Have Blankets” for sign shows customer service at its best. It had been bitter outside and the wind was blowing the tarpaulin all over the place.

Clearly some folk are happy to sit on beer barrels, I’d rather drink my own urine like Nehru not, many thanks.

But I had a proper seat, I had “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” on a jolly Sunday soundtrack, and I had good local beer in cheery company. And that’s more than enough.

But I have NO idea why the toilet seat needs to be UP.

I always put it down, and Mrs RM puts it back up. And no, this isn’t a topic for discussion. Go to CAMRA Discourse for that sort of thing.

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