Right there. That’s my next avatar. Perhaps I’ve used it already. But which pub am I passing, Dave ? THAT is the question. Here’s another clue;

Two pints before a game is never a good idea, I detest those people who go to the loo during a match, so I head for the Etihad,

only distracted by the shiny new Tony’s chippy.

Since the Golden Fish (RIP) closed due to Covid/Zero stars hygiene ratings I’ve had to go upmarket on those rare occasions I vary from my usual Quinoa salad pre-match, and Tony’s steak pudding (not pie) and chips is as good as it gets. “Chinese or English curry sauce” I’m asked.

Wish I’d had the buttered muffin now.

Talking of buttering muffins

After a frankly thrilling 1-0 win against the Pensioners or the Oligarchs or whatever they’re called, I’d planned to finish the Greater Manchester chapter of the Guide, but my last tick had decided to have a holiday so it’ll have to wait.

Oh well, I got to meet up with Matt and Emma and share with them the sunshine the righteous had brought with them over the Pennines.

Matt is starting to appreciate the charms of Vocation-led Society near the concert hall,

though, like Mrs RM, he was also in “recovery mode” and I had to drink a lovely Pride & Joy (3.5) myself.

Rather shamefully, Matt has never been to the Peveril of the Peak, hidden over the canal steps behind Society.

I think he’d like it, you know, now he’s tried Plum Porter. And time is on his side.

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