Congratulations to Mrs RM on successfully escorting BRAPA to South Yorkshire completion yesterday, a day when the #PrayForBRAPA and #PrayForMrsRM hashtags were competing thru’ the day.

I do worry about her hearing though. As we headed towards that Broken Seal micro I told her she’d recognise it as the street where I’d “Photocopied her Viva* “.

Well, because I always work on the assumption my blog might be read by my Mum I won’t tell you what Mrs RM thought I said, but think castles in Leicestershire and you’ll get the picture. The subsequent conversation about her 2 days in labour down the road at the Lister seemed oddly connected.

Anyhow, time for tea. At 17:30 on Sunday in Stevenage ? What’s the chances ?

Higher than we thought. Stevenage Old Town has definitely improved since we left, the string of kebab shops now interspersed with Tapas, Spice and Meze. It looks more like Ware or Baldock now the little shops no-one uses any more because of the internet have been replaced with restaurants.

Our wedding reception in 1992 was held at a tiny Thai cafe seating 30 and we fancied Thai now, but the highly reviewed Sala Thong was doing a micropub on us and being closed despite the sign saying open from, well, 5 minutes ago.

Mrs RM never gives up and banged on the door until they gave up and let us in. Perhaps they’d been hoping for better dressed diners to go with their smart stylings.

It looked rather upmarket, rather Giggling Squid, and the drinks menu was dominated by cocktails at prices last seen in Clapham. And next to the Singha was a Verdant Lightbulb on draught!

I know that Verdant are possibly viewed with as much derision by crafties as Brew Dog were a decade ago, but it’s still a pleasant surprise to get a pint of Penryn’s finest in Stevenage, never mind a Thai cafe.

The chilli squid starter was the best squid I’ve ever had, and as you know I’m an expert on rubbery spiced seafoods. This is the Pad Thai and Massaman curry, also as good as our Wrestlers benchmark.

By the time we’d got to licking the plates the place was full, on a Sunday evening just after Christmas.

Quality will out. Even the Gents had the best decorations in SG1.

The only problem was, after Mrs RM’s Cosmopolitan, she was in the mood for a classic cocktail comparison contest. And you know what that means…

*A project on which you’re interrogated in Reading in the final year of Public Finance exam.

13 thoughts on “SQUID GAINS IN SG1

  1. You were one of the 40 I understand on Thursday. Good news it was a very good turn out last night. Interesting band Rum Buffalo no one could agree what genre they were cross between rock, jazz with a moog synthesizer thrown in.


    1. I didn’t even notice the music till we were about to rush for our Ghurka curry, Tony !

      40, was it ? I guessed 50 but 10 of those were serving or standing around telling one chap off for forgetting to wear their mask heading to the loos.

      Apparently the main reason Duncan and Malt wanted to do the festival is that the Wes End Centre was in GBG21, and Aldershot is a great base for travel.

      Pics of that curry to come !


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