On to my second tick in Wigan, sadly nowhere near the pier.

All the hot GBG action these days takes place in the cobbled streets east of Mesnes Park, which means a trip through the deserted centre.

The pubs look lively, though.

Ah, it’s Chelsea v Man U on the telly. The Swan & Railway held firm against the football, and was quiet as a result.

Anyway, people (particularly pie eaters) spoil my lovely photos.

So do the cars on the approach to Real Crafty.

As I approach Real Crafty I’m wracked with doubt; surely I’ve been to a Wigan pub called “Real Crafty” before. Nope, that would be

Apparently not. It used to the British Legion, tucked in amongst the solicitors, accountants and beauty parlours on Dicconson St.

One long room with mixed seating and mixed crowd drinking bottles of wine and gin, the busiest by far on Sunday night.

Look at these prices;

Well, Torrside for £3.30 then.

My notes say “Dreadful name, wonderful beer“. Which sells it short, as I thought the mix of folk, young couples, old boys and glammed-up lasses was wonderful. A bit like a British Legion Club turned into a pub, in fact.

The soundtrack went from Oasis’s “Little by Little” to Neil’s “Harvest Moon”, I considered the pork pies at the bar but thought that was a bit too stereotypical a Wigan thing to do.

So I just admired the quality of the Torrside Porter (cool, rich, tight head, NBSS 4.5), temporarily forgetting this isn’t a beer blog.

Then I noticed the bottled beer list.

Only £4 for Duchesse de Bourgogne. Oh dear, someone restrain me. Luckily I remembered the headache from the last time and I knew I had to catch a train unless the snow (remember the snow ?) settled and meant I could never leave Wigan.

Blimey, was that just a 5 ?

I rarely score 5. I guess that itself is the very definition of a 5. And anyone who replies telling me that “of course, Torrside is a great brewery” will be banned.

I told the pregnant landlady her beer was brilliant. I think that telling a pregnant person the beer is brilliant may be casual sexism. Or cruelty. Mrs RM will know.

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