Another year, another new GBG entry in Knutsford. How do they do it ? And why do all the new entries only ever last a single year in the Guide. (30 marks, show workings).

Every time I revisit a town to tick a new pub, I get a new perspective. And this year it was “Golly, aren’t there a lot of terraced houses in Knutsford“.

And also “Good grief, King Street is gorgeous. Shame about the traffic“.

The Rose & Crown has a dull sign, but the A-Board announces a Ski-themed terrace (top) so that’s OK. I didn’t actually see the Ski-themed terrace, but imagine one wrong turn on the slalom takes you to Crewe.

If Christmas has just arrived in Cheadle, 10 miles down t’road in Knutsford it’s Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve c.1889.

You know a place is posh when there’s so much effort made for the festive season, but the dogs in smoking jackets are also a giveaway.

Now, (spoiler) I’m NOT posh, but I can appreciate a nice place and the Rose & Crown is a nice place. And at least it’s not called the Chomp & Chablis or worse.

But is it a pub ? At the bar I surprise the manager by asking for a beer. He summons a barman who then says, “Oh, you want to pay” as he sees my grubby handful of change. It’s £2.40 a half for Red Willow.

Clearly I’m not their target audience, I think as I hear the pop of the champagne bottle. But there are a few smartly dressed chaps drinking pints, and my beer is NBSS 3, perhaps 3+.

One chap tells his business colleague mate he has to go to Timperley for his Covid booster, and in that moment makes himself sound like a condemned man. Hey, Timperley isn’t THAT bad (is it ?).

But the lacings are classic Cheshire.

Cheshire doesn’t do lacings. Discuss (10 marks, provide photos).


  1. That Cnut has plenty for which to answer – ask any C10th Saxon – but the pubs in his legacy placename town don’t seem to represent any enduring bitterness…

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