“I do hope you’re not undermining the integrity of the retiredmartin Top 100 with frivolous entries” writes Mark Crilley of Michigan. As if I would.

We’re approaching a year into our Sheffield adventure, always the time to move on, and getting into the spirit of things by spending an afternoon at Sheffield’s immensely popular Christmas market.

Actually, we were killing a few hours before the Henning Wehn gig at the Octagon last Saturday. What better to warm up for a German comic than with the authentic German festive experience ?

Yorkshire German fudge

I want Gluhwein and Christmas sweets. Now” said Mrs RM, pushing me into the log cabin along with a thousand day-trippers from Stocksbridge and Silkstone.

Miraculously, we got the last table, next to the Wrexham Lager advert.

I was on my “dry day”, and had to sit watching Mrs RM drink hot wine while playing on her phone.

I hated it. But we were hogging a prime table and I was conspicuously not drinking, so I got myself a fiver’s worth of German craft.

Yes, I was instantly converted. The Dortmunder Pils was better than Tennents.

You’ll find me at Woody’s Karaoke Bar singing “Red Light Spells Danger” next.

But not Saturday. No, we needed food, and there’s only one place for food in Sheffield.

Yes, your favourite Spoons, the first pub I went to when they re-opened in April.

They’re doing a special offer at the moment, £5.29 for a smaller fish and chips and a drink, Belgium Blue in my case.

My version with mushy peas came before Mrs RM’s mushy-less option, and they gave her another large glass of un-mulled wine FREE !

Honestly, what a time to be alive.



    1. Mrs RM and I thought that mini fish and chips was a perfect size. It’s highly amusing to see a great British company being criticised for being too cheap at a time when fuel prices are hitting our cost of living. And no-one in that Sheffield Spoons that night things that it’s a dump or that they’re with “the great unwashed” as I read on snobby Discourse.

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