Greetings from Stafford Station, where Paul Mudge has just introduced me to the joys of the Railway, a wonderful pub.

A week ago the Sheffield Codgers, whose album of Dylan covers would make a great Christmas present, were heading for Belper pub No.2.

Yes, a bit plain, bit that’s Lincoln Green for you.

Inside you’ll find a smart Proper Pub in the Joules mould, and that’s OK.

Too many beers, of course, but that’s designed to have beer tickers creating a frisson of excitement at the bar by having to choose from identical beers.

It seemed to work.

It wasn’t my round, so I just found a seat and shouted ” Anything please” which seemed to work as the Sherwood Foresters was cool and rich. A worthy GBG debut.

Oh, and I lied to you. It was actually this place, not the Devonshire, with the CAMRA memorabilia.

But I’ll spare you a repeat of the joke.

I am sure the Gents at the Railway contained the best collection of saucy postcards outside a Toby Carvery.

Whether that’s enough to get you to head there now is a private matter.


  1. Ahhhh! You went the other way out of the station. We always ‘start’ at the Railway, usually with a breakfast stout. Plain, yes! Consistently good beer though, outstanding for what’s often the worst pub in town, aka the Station boozer. Belper’s a mini-Sheffield isn’t it, a town full of beer drinkers and pub goers. Swoon!…


  2. I find it funny how much selecting a beer means to most pub goers. Over 50 taps at times. There is strong appeal in the process of choosing I think. Almost a sense that the discovery of the perfect beer may happen, but beers are like spouses…one is likely enough.

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  3. That’s probably the worst strangulated inguinal hernia I’ve ever seen. No wonder the poor lad was wearing a skirt instead of trousers.

    What was the joke again?


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