Monday afternoon. No new Good Beer Guide but due to some embargo breaking friends I know the Dodworth Tap will be my last South Yorkshire tick. Already, a whole county complete.

One of my minor pleasures is seeing how fast I can get to Sheffield Station. Google maps says 41 minutes,

my record is 29.

That gives me 12 whole minutes for a half in the Sheffield Tap, and if you’re going to #SavePubs then you MUST go in.

No-one else will.

Not as busy as on football Saturdays, but ticking over, and I get the choice to take my half of Marble pint anywhere.

I thought it was just the bar and the seats outside the loos. It transpires there’s two more vast rooms at the back, one of which magically improves my Pint by NBSS 0.5.

A lady comes into the room with a glass of Prosecco.

“OOH. I never knew it was so big”

‘Neither did I!” I say.

But she’s talking to her husband, who ambles behind with a pint of lager, and I feel a jolt of embarrassment.

But that embarrassment is what makes pubs great.


  1. Oh that’s a really funny story. I’d love to have seen the look on her face. I’d have said the same thing. I always think people are talking to me.


    1. She literally came through the door a couple of seconds ahead of her husband (?) and said “It’s bigger than I thought” so I assumed she was talking to me. I’d mansplained the history of the pub up to 1967 before her hubby arrived.


      1. This happens to me a lot when I’m riding and people wave to someone riding behind me. I wondered once why this young woman would wave frantically at me. For a few seconds the delusion was flattering. I thought I must really be looking fit.


  2. One unquestionable benefit of the craft beer *thing* in the UK over the last decade is the massive improvement in station boozers. Every town should have one.


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