A great day in Macclesfield, with two new faces to put a name to and then forget, but no new GBG ticks while down in Sussex young Simon was collecting dozens of them already.

Simon has already completed his GBG Cross ticking, and found a lot of his preemptive pubs in the new Guide. See BRAPA here.

I’m always a bit cautious about accepting strangers advice to do an extra pub that is a cert for a future Guide. If it gets in the GBG it’ll be another ****ing micro, and if it’s a proper pub it won’t. I told EVERYONE the Raven in Sheffield was a cert for GBG22. I was wrong.

But I really should have done more research when I visited dear old Stockport only a month ago, with Project 53 literally stuck between two pubs on our Old Codgers route.

Still, no one should complain about having to breaking a journey home in Stocky, which looked its usual wonderful self in the Saturday night drizzle.

A small, modern bar selling Mobberley beers about which I can tell you nothing.

Except, the Mosaic was a cool, rich, 3.5, and possibly higher in a PROPER GLASS.

And the music? Well, we’d moved from 1968 in Macclesfield to 1986 here, with Wham (not the Moyes lot) and Graceland and The Cure. And 1986 is as modern as Stockport has been since, well, 1986.

Or something. It was late.


      1. If the market becomes saturated then the less appealing or well-run venues will tend to go to the wall – Stockport has lost Remedy Bar and Vinabod, although in each case a new business has taken over the premises. But we have to remember that, while there will be some overlap, the appeal of pubs and bars is far from homogenous. Wetherspoon’s , Project 53, the Boar’s Head and the Arden Arms will appeal to very different clienteles.


  1. It’s not exactly a new pub, I reviewed it back in March 2019 and I was probably running a month or two behind as usual. It had opened before Xmas as well.


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