While Blackpool Jane, Lee and Karen saw their team snatch a 1-0 at Bramall Lane, I was back in Manchester watching City have a now almost customary capitulation to Crystal Palace.

The team looked as knackered as I felt, having got up early to catch the 09:12 from Sheffield after finding the later trains west scarily crowded before.

Look ! My Pumpkin almond croissant (£1 with coffee) had its own seat !

Arriving at Piccadilly before 11:00 gives you the pick of the pubs, I thought, so I had a wander through whatever you’re allowed to call Ancoats to take my pick and admire the streets that the Americans come here for.

This street is next to a rather posh Hydes Hotel and a less than posh curry cafe;

What would Sir Tony think of Manchester now ?

He’d love it, I guess, bar the demise of City’s noisy neighbours.

You can lose hours just wandering round Ancoats,

realising it’s years since you went in the Castle or the Wheatsheaf (just about to re-open).

I’ve never been to The Ancoats Lad *, just along from The City.

Never heard it mentioned anywhere. Wait, what’s this ?

Could have sank a pint of Boddies there and then, but sadly not much opens before noon in Manchester, even on match days. The Lower Turks Head and Sinclairs would have been perfect; where’s our promised 24 hour society ?

Just as I was loitering in the Shambles, Matt phoned up and suggested a pub lunch. That’s right, put me on the spot. Oh, THAT would do.

*Look what I’ve just seen on their Facebook. Looks like I’ll be making that first visit next Sunday.


  1. The boundaries of Ancoats do seem to have become a bit blurred as the area has gentrified. The southern and western ones (Great Ancoats Street and the River Irk) are pretty clear, but to the north along Rochdale and Oldham Road I’m never really sure where it ends (the Marble Arch feels like Ancoats, but is probably just in Collyhurst) and likewise to the east is it the River Medlock or the railway line between Ashton New and Old Road (beyond which it’s definitely Beswick)?


  2. As far as I know The Ancoats Lad has no cask ale, they didn’t have a handpump when I visited pre pandemic. Do they do Bass on keg and would you drink it?

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