Closing in on the last few stragglers in Kent now, starting in feisty Folkestone.

If you want to see what modern Folkestone looks like, look at Duncan’s post here and my visit just before Lockdown.

The Bouverie Tap, which sounds worryingly French, is in the more traditional west side of town.

I know it says Tap, but it’s very inviting, isn’t it ?

Upmarket, quirky, and attracting a mixed crowd of Folkestone folk on Sunday evening, drawn by posters for air raids on Helsinki.

East to get mixed up with Chambers, or was it Kipps ?

Not sure quite what brings folk out of their houses on Sunday when so much else closes early; perhaps the promise/threat of Bass.

Pubs really shouldn’t be allowed to have Bass signage if they don’t sell it. The Hopdaemon Incubus was pretty good, and selling fast though, and in October 2021 that’s as good as you can hope.

Wish I could tell you more, but my notes look like this.


  1. You sound like my father. He always contended that you shouldn’t wear a shirt for something you weren’t a member of yourself. Maybe we can make that a rule?

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  2. The Bouverie Tap is run by the son of “Big Ron” who was the landlord of the bowl Hastenleigh
    Sadly Ron passed away last year.
    His widow is keeping the pub open but only Thu to Sun.
    Did you do the Trienialll Street art trail in Folkestone?
    That would have given you great photo oppurtunites

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