If “A Tale Of Two Cities” is about Rochester and Sittingbourne (SPOILER : It isn’t), then Sittingbourne ISN’T Paris.

Few folk in rural Kent have ever looked at a map and thought “Oooh, lets head to Sheerness, stopping for cress sandwiches in Gillingham and a micropub in Sittingbourne“.

That’s their loss. It’s long High Street is full of street art.

And you can see the EXACT spot where Elvis was inspired to record his greatest ’60s hit.

This was my sixth trip to Swale’s much unloved town in a decade, and every time I see something new and alluring.

The Yellow Stocks was a rumbustious little pub, full of life and love and larks. And high quality beer.

And Toyah albums.

It’s a mystery (to me) how some micros can be so appealing, and other feel like a mates drinking club. But I won’t dwell on it.


  1. “It’s a Mystery”. See what you did there.
    I’ve actually only ever been to two micros, Chums and the Draper’s Arms, both in Bristol. The beer was good but both were like morgues.


    1. On Trip Advisor everything is a city, Alan, and as you’ll know Trip Advisor is infallible.

      And besides, if Sittingbourne wishes to self identify as “A city” who are we to question.


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