Yes, I’m in Kent aka Microland for a weekend, hoping the GBG entries will honour their Facebook opening times but knowing (spoiler) that they won’t.

I always enjoy the Medway towns, the land of Dickens and the lesser known Digger, 2 of the greatest Britons.

Sadly Dickens World was rubbish and was closed with a few years, but Diggerland thrives.

Rochester, with its castle and chi-chi dining (not the Spoons) has thrived, too, but my new micropub on the eastern edge of town is a bit quiet on Sunday afternoon, which I assumed was peak micro.

I love a good entrance.

12 Degrees, or RAMS Micropub as it’s marked on the map is silent bar my polite exchange with a guvnor who has named the dumper after Spurs.

Oh, it’s a Gooner.

What Pub says “quirky” so you know what you’re getting.

It’s actually a very decent little drinking space; proper seating and a local beer wiped from my notes that touched 3.5, but without the buzz of conversation to sustain it I didn’t linger.

When ARE micros busy, given they hardly ever open in the first place ?

I looked through the window of the whitewashed Nags Head at the London Pride pump, jealously, and moved on.

One thought on “A TALE OF TWO MICROS – (i) ROCHESTER

  1. suck it up big guy. the beards are all micropubs now. by 2023, they’ll be no proper pubs in ya ticking book. it’ll be converted bookies and chippies all the way to pongy bitter land.

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