Time for a culinary special.

I lived it up on Sunday night in the Ashford Travelodge. £24. Same price as the new one in Sandwich, but who would choose Sandwich over Ashford. ?

Well, anyone wanting to avoid spending a night in non-GBG pubs. I spent half an hour on What Pub looking for a back street Sheps boozer in Ashford and gave up.

The next morning, I thought I’d find something nice to say about the town, because I’m nice like that.

Here’s the bad bit.

And here’s the surprisingly good bits;

It’s a bit underpubbed, the only GBG entry I’ve done is one of the more “earthy” Spoons, which I wasn’t going in for breakfast.

Not when there was a brand new Cypriot cafe just behind the John Wallis. Really friendly, dead cheap.

Up there with the Turkish breakfasts in Crewe and Bletchley, and almost healthy if you ignore the cheese and the sticky stuff.

While in Ashford, rest awhile amidst its hidden charms. Such as street names as weird as those in Whitwick,

and a tank in the shopping centre. Fortunately, Maidstone has never invaded so it hasn’t been used (yet).

Lots of culture, too, and any George Michael tribute act that trades on his generosity is OK with me.

You’ve missed George though. In every sense.


  1. It has a good Nepalese restaurant, although when I went, there were some blokes on another table organising a bare knuckle fight for later in the weekend.

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  2. i grew up just outside Ashford and went to school in the town. There are plenty of things I could tell you about the place – most of them are not good.

    I’m just off out, so expect a rather damming report on the town, when I get back. I know one should always look for the positives, but I’m hard pushed at the moment to think of any!!


    1. There’s not much I can say about Ashford and it’s pubs, apart from there are hardly any left in the town centre, and no decent ones. So yes, definitely under-pubbed, and the blame for that lies well and truly with Ashford Borough Council.

      I can think of at least 12 public houses, destroyed to make way for an unwanted/unnecessary ring-road, a seedy shopping centre, a grossly under-utilsed international railway station, and a hideous empty Y-shaped office block, but on the plus side, the rusty old WWI tank has had a make-over. Some guns have been fitted (dummy ones?), and the electrical substation, once housed actually inside the rear of the vehicle removed.

      So the attractive market town that my parents, plus my sister and I, moved to, from London, back in 1958, is nothing more than a glorified race track, surrounding a mostly empty shopping centre, and an international station, at which Eurostar trains no longer stop.

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