BRAPA would have come up with a witty title, something involving “Some Like It Hot” (the song, duh) and rhyming Battersea with “I need a pee” and oh, how we’d laugh.

But I’ve overwritten my notes from this one and I’m not in the mood for frivolities.

Besides, I was tense as the Battersea Brewery Tap was my last South London tick, and we all know how keen brewery taps are at being closed for private functions/”essential maintenance”/because they can’t be bothered to update Facebook.

For some daft reason, I convinced myself I ought to get there by 14:45 in case they closed lunchtimes or something trad.

London, like Manchester, never rests.

I’d walked along this stretch of the Thames 5 years ago , when I was impressed by Nine Elms and noted “the sad looking power station“.

Nothing sad about it now, or the glorious new tube stations, with a Barcelona-esque development behind.

Just think, this was only built 44 years ago to provide a tethering point for Pink Floyd’s pig (or something, I’m not a prog fan).

Loads of tourists just walking round marvelling at it all, though they seemed to be avoiding the run of eateries underneath the arches.

At least my brewery was open, with a sole lager drinker before a group of Americans (not THEM) popped in to marvel at the kettles.

The staff were lovely and chatty, all “good choice” when I picked their only beer (cool, chewy, 3.5) on handpump as if I was going to go for the Peterborough imposter.

Being a beer expert I can tell you it was a red ale, as it was red. There’s course for this sort of thing I believe.

I’ll be honest, I’ve no idea what the Proper Pubs are around here, over the water from Chelsea. But I’m sure if you ask at the American embassy they’ve a secret bar with Bud and Coors on draft; I’d try there.


  1. I rather like the look of the new Battersea -I wanted to visit recently but my idea was rejected as ” It will be too noisy with all the building work going on ” -maybe next year !

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