A real corker of a Home Counties neighbourhood pub to finish our weekend in Windsor.

If A Hoppy Place is a refined beer and wine tasting rooms, the Windsor Trooper is a raucous melting pot of town life.

Hard to describe the Trooper, whose beer range is rather wider than Adnams but I cut out the other beers to fit in the Bass mirror. A bit like a less beery Cambridge Blue or (Stockport) Magnet, perhaps.

The front bar was completely packed so we retreated to the back room, where Mrs RM sampled the Citra and Hung Drawn & Portered while I admired the breweriana, a word I always spell wrong.

The back room was a microcosm of Berkshire life. Lads on lager, a couple sharing a bottle of wine, and ladies fresh back from Ascot celebrating their losses, and a birthday, with a sea of Prosecco.

They were very LOUD. Press PLAY now.

I’m thirty-three, I KNOW myself” said one. “I already know you too love” said Mrs RM.

As the conversation on the Prosecco table turned, as it is wont to do, to how they’d watched each other sex (not at Ascot), the quiet wine couple left, followed by the beer lads.

Good luck mate” said the bloke passing me in the corridor as I returned to the fray.

Windsor seemed a bit of a damp squib when we finally drank up. Grief ! It was only 18:40 !

But we’d had enough. And despite there being a third new GBG tick a mere 15 minutes west, we’d had enough.

I wish I’d done it now, but I know my limits.

3 thoughts on “A DAY AT THE RACES

  1. In the early 80s I spent a lunchtime in Windsor ticking off Friary Meux pubs (the then local offshoot of Allied Breweries) as part of their “Horseshoe Trail”. Some of them were surprisingly basic given the town’s reputation, although it was then a major barracks town.

    I also remember picking up a discarded copy of the Times on the train home in which there was an article about the decline of CAMRA – “has it outlived its usefulness?”

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      1. Windsor sounds and looks good, but I see what you mean about the trains. Three changes, even for me!

        The breweriana collection in the Windsor Trooper, looks impressive, too.


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