Mrs RM is a huge fan of BRAPA. So there’s ONE.

She’s particularly impressed with his knowledge of UK. How many other youngsters know ALL the stops on the 152 minutes of the Barrow to Carlisle line that trundles up the Cumbrian coast’s honeypots ?

Sure, us tickers only know them because at 20 minute intervals you get to jump off and tick a pub, but ticking is life, surely ?

Sadly, some of Cumbria’s pubs require a bit of effort to get to from the railway, Luckily, it’s only a 1hr 59 walk from Drig station to the Strands homebrew pub in Nether Wasdale. Go, Si.

Two pubs to choose from on the edge of Wast Water. The Screes looks like it serve Stockport’s finest,

but apparently has just been taken over by the Strands over the road. No doubt the Screes will now doubt make the Guide and I’ll wish I’d nipped in while Mrs RM left the motor running.

Because the Strands was heaving, the busiest pub our trip, drawing in the folk who love to stick photos from the Lakes on Facebook with hashtags like #LivingMyBestLife and #Wow and #HowsWork?

I want to dislike Strands. It’s bad enough that What Pub promises “Fab range of around 30 beers brewed on site – you never know what you will get !”. The only acceptable use of “Fab” is for an ice lolly.

Too busy to get a decent shot at the bar, so I end up just taking this;

And then head outside to drink something with a long name that looks like an imperial stout so we’ll pretend it is, shall we. Homebrew, but well-kept, as they say in the Sunday Times Supplement.

And then to Drigg, as they say. Specifically, the Drigg Low Level Nuclear Waste Repository.

We were that white campervan in the blue circle.

Views to Sellafield (top), and the hills, and a tremendous beach barely used by anyone, though we did have a couple of visits from the local police to make sure we weren’t trying to commit nuclear crimes.

If only they knew what misdemeanours Mrs RM HAD been responsible for recently, we’d have been in trouble.


  1. I have sat in that exact seat in the Strands. Went there on a Saturday night at the end of the walking holiday. Turned into a lively evening, especially when the locals returned from a wedding in Carlisle.

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  2. “I want to dislike Strands.”

    You’re in luck, as I have disliked Strands for a number of years and I can offer tutorials. I used to like Screes, and it was one of the most disappointing days of my life so far (he exaggerated wildly) when I heard that it had been taken over by the upstart home-brewers from across the road. Their first brew was given the name Errrm, which means that anyone hesitating at the bar gets poured a pint of that automatically. This may sound like a joke but it is very close to reality, and is the theme of my first tutorial.

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    1. I’ll sign up for that tutorial, Will.

      I’ll be honest, I can remember nothing about Strands at all bar the fact everyone looked exactly like you’d expect and the homebrew had a daft name. Which is pretty much the recipe for a CAMRA favourite.


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