On to a pub that everyone seems to be talking about at the moment.

Scarily (as scary as the lady below, anyway), this appears to be my first time in Kirby Stephen, which raises all sort of issues.

Will I miss out a “k” in Kirby* ?

What running joke about Kirbs can I develop ?

At what point will I mix it up with Kirkby Stephen, or Kirkby (Liverpool) ?

Never mind that, why is this lady throwing herself into my photo of the temple, or whatever it is ?

Reading Wiki now, I see Kirkby S has a population of 1,522, which is fewer than the folk on my street.

In that context, it’s a remarkably interesting little town. It even has a Costa !

It now has a Beer Guide pub too. And, irritatingly perhaps, a brand new micropub we carelessly missed and which will no doubt mean a prompt return when GBG22 “drops” (ugh) in November (Paisley – March).

The sign on the Taggy Man commemorates the time that the Childcatcher from Vulgaria came over for lessons in sweet making.

This was wonderful, a very rare conversion of old pub to old pub with lots of beers.

OK, not HUNDREDS of beers, but it felt like a small scale Lytham Taps, which is high praise.

Mrs RM noted the colour teal and a liberal use of fairy lights; I picked out “Theme from Shaft” and “Stuck on You” among an eclectic soundtrack.

But really what I heard was chat. Locals and holidaymakers from North Tyne and South Tees comparing holiday notes and becoming best mates like folk do on cruises.

The beer from Rudgate was either called “Battleaxe” or “Taggy Blonde“, both appropriate from Mrs RM, who gave them high marks. Unfortunately, local CAMRA don’t accept “high marks” as an NBSS score so I’ll say 3.5.

“That looks nice, too” said Mrs RM, as we passed Ye Olde Fountain Inn.

I have my doubts that it still serves beer. But if it does that sign needs a good talking to.

*Doh !

9 thoughts on “TAGGY MAN

      1. Every country had to designate someone to read it. Mark and I are sharing the US role. Ross is falling down on the job for the Canadians.

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  1. I’ve been in here when it was a Jennings pub called the White Lion.

    It was one of the batch of pubs Jenning’s acquired from Marston’s some time ago when they decided to get rid of their Cumbrian outposts, only for Marston’s themselves to acquire Jennings a few years later.

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