I’m going to get a move on with this backlog before Mrs RM wants her laptop back and it’s back to the phone.

Another remote Pennines pub, though not quite as remote as the Tan Hill Inn, 1732 feet above sea level and only accessible from a secret exit on the Squid Game set or something.

I didn’t get any photos from the drovers track over Summer Lodge Moor from Aysgarth to Low Row; but all you need to know is that the sharp right turn at Flow Edge near Askrigg should NOT be attempted at 60mph. Or 6.

The Punch Bowl at Low Row is isolated enough; look at the devastation wreaked on that tree.

Worth it for the views, which sensationally are almost entirely micropub free.

Having detoured 30 miles and brake sharply for sheep at least 16 times I rather assumed we’d find the Punch Bowl unexpectedly closed, despite roadwide signs screaming “OPEN”. At 56 I am only pessimistic about pub opening times, with good reason.

The pub offers a welcome R and R for walkers (provided muddy boots are removed).” says What Pub. That “provided” is doing some heavy lifting, I feel.

No other customers, and I dare say the publican’s heart sinks when we pop in for a half of Aysgarth Falls and a coke (wot ! no crisps !).

Anyway, we were left to our own misery devices as the publican attended to other stuff, and Mrs RM tried to guess the WiFi password (it was probably “provided”).

Build me up, buttercup” gave way to “One moment in time“, approved choices for every Yorkshire gastropub.

Mrs RM decided she liked the place, and I respect her right to like. But then, she had the beer, and it was far, far better than it looked (3/3.5).

There you go, good beer, Chesterfields and it was open. More than enough to recommend it.


  1. The proper pub used to occupy the building at the right (eastern end) of that range of buildings.
    You managed to avoid the Victoria, again. It’s a rite of passage.


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