You asked. I said “Oh, get a life

You asked again, even getting the Americans involved. I relented. Here’s the Spreadsheets;

See. No preamble, just numbers. Oh, and a map. I like maps.

Actually, I don’t like THAT map, showing the counties completed. Not enough pink. 27 counties done, but far too many with just one tick needed. Where on earth is Southend ?

Enough numbers, heere’s the words. I like words.

There’s about 4,500 pubs (and non-pubs) in the current Guide (see also: BRAPA 4500), and as of now I’ve visited 4,083 of them, which is 90%.

So far this GBG year (which started last October) I’ve visited 263 new Guide pubs. I’d have like to have done more by now, but someone decided that all pubs had to be closed for the first half of that year.

Still, at least he chooses Proper Pubs to visit, eh ?

The next Guide should be out early November (Paisley : just in time for Christmas), so in theory I could finish the GBG and join the pantheon of the greats (Duncan) with a mere 439 pub visits in October.

That ain’t gonna happen, for 2 reasons;

1) I don’t have BRAPA’s liver.

2) Those 439 pubs spread from Kirkwall to Alderney to remote places like Battersea, wherever that is.

My best hope is that GBG22 brings fewer newer entries (aka “micropubs”) than in previous years, and my target for the NEXT year remains ambitious, but doable. Say, 700 pubs in a year. That’s less than one a day, isn’t it ?


  1. GBG 2022 also has 20% fewer entries, so you may see a gain in your percentage complete without actually doing anything.


    1. I’m not aware of a 20% reduction. I know that the CAMRA branch I belong to has submitted exactly the same number of entries as GBG21.


      1. I thought the branches kicked back about that 20% reduction, having previously complained to CAMRA GBG committees that they’d struggle to get a GBG ready as all the pubs would be closed.


  2. World-wide demand now satisfied. This will get views from Greenland to (fairly near) Greenock. Very good progress. In the frenzied years of 2009-2012 I did 684, 766, 781 and 744 but your sensible approach is much more enjoyable to be honest. I look forward to joining you for the final completion pub in 2023.

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    1. When you say “sensible” you mean, of course, pedestrian.

      In seriousness, I’ve enjoyed the last 5 months like no other. No easy pickings but a sense of joy about being back in pubs.

      Far too many pints, mind.

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  3. I think you have two viable options:
    1) TWOK a helicopter for a month to get all 439 in the book quickly.
    2) Spend six months living in Inverness doing the north of Scotland in an almost Alan Winfield manner, so that when you have finished you will very rarely have to go back. Repeat in a similar manner in the other remote areas in which you need a decent amount.

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    1. Spend some time in Thurso, that way you can get a quick ferry to Orkney and then the Northlink to Shetland (much cheaper that way) to do Ultima Thule in a Winfield stylee.


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