The Spreadsheet issue wore me out, so I’ve got to crack on with the travel posts now, and remind you where we’d got to on the Great Northern Campervan Tickathon a fortnight ago.

Stop H takes us to Leyburn, where Mrs RM expertly parks up at a space in the market place offering 30 minutes FREE, and then wastes 10 of those minutes in The Walking Shop.

In tests, 93.7% of the time spent by folk in the Yorkshire Dales is spent in outdoor clothing shops. The other 6.3% is spent in cafes, of course.

Leyburn is your first point of call in the tourist Dales, which is why the place is completely ruined by cars parked in the Square (like ours). See also : Thirsk.

I tried my best to capture the elegance of the stonework, but failed.

Last time pubbing here in 2017 I found John Smiths Cask in a surprisingly boisterous Golden Lion, amongst the chintzy dining, and local CAMRAs have found another gem in the King’s Head.

A rare wet-led pub” says What Pub, making what used to be the norm sound like deviant behaviour.

Hi-Vis, the odd more adventurous tourist, and an energetic discussion about the penalty decisions in the West Ham v Man U match.

One of the most unfussy pubs in the Guide, I’d wager, where you won’t be stared at for asking for crisps and can be certain your (cheap) Tim Taylor Landlord (or Wensleydale if you’re deviant) won’t need taking back.

One of the better Landlords of the year (3.5+); cool and chewy. The lacings say it all.

Mrs RM enjoyed the bench seating while I admired the windows, it’s how marriage works.

And we spent a happy 20 minutes on Shazam trying to identifying some Irish party classics on a tinny speaker,

before realising we had a minute to go on the free parking. NEVER make Mrs RM run.

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