A short post, but one purpose of this blog is to allow people to search Google and find SOMETHING on unsung pubs like the Lord Nelson in Appleton Wiske.

Where ? Here…

Blimey that’s a lot of not much between Darlo and Northallerton and the former POTY in Hudswell.

I’m closing in on completing North Yorkshire Guide entries now;

That map would have looked even better if pubs like the one in Sutton-in-Craven opened before 16:00, but whoever goes to a pub at lunchtime these days ?

The Lord Nelson opens at 18:00, even on Saturday, and as you can see from the Google Maps image that results in a queue of vans outside the door at 17:59.

HCS stands for “Heroes of Cask Supping”, by the way, and there was plentiful consumption going on when I edged past a welcoming committee of determined but smiley puffers at the door.

I know YOU would have had the Rudgate; I had to have a Theakston as I like to support the beleaguered LocAles.

Honestly, it was MAJESTIC, cool, foamy, chewy. I do get fed up of reading that beer X is “not what it was“. Theakston Bitter was magnificent in Boroughbridge last year, but can equally be dull in its home town.

Perhaps it was the incessant pointless banter, perhaps the smell of dog collecting a ball from under my table, perhaps even the tear-jerking “Greatest Love of All” that added half an NBSS point to my already rare NBSS 4.

Whatever, it’s a cracker, and proof that Cask is Best (Terms & Conditions Apply).


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