On towards Amble, which I hadn’t been to for years.

Loads of day-trippers to the Northumberland coast that weekend, including a fair few recovering from the Great North Run with a pint and chips.

I did the pre-chip exercise along the bay, through the Marina,

and wondered how I’d avoided amiable Amble for so long.

The ever unreliable GBG app*, which is currently refusing my attempts to renew for 2022 (why isn’t THAT on the news, rather than fuel shortages), told me the Cock & Bull was here;

But while it certainly looked like a Cock & Bull, that definitely says “Tavern“, doesn’t it ?

So I pressed on down Queen Street, admiring the shop fontage,

and feeling glad my name wasn’t Bryan Douglas.

On towards posh Amble, where the boats and bistros collide.

And then I saw the sign for the Cock & Bull with its John Smiths hatred.

It rang a bell. I typed “Amble” into my own blog search engine.

Oh dear. Not only was I here before, it was ONLY two years ago.

Oh well, not going in again, let’s have fish & chips.

But not from one of those fancy pla(i)ces called Sea & Soil, let’s go for the locals’ one called Queen’s Plaice.

Except it wasn’t. A giant amount of research reveals it’s Lewis’s**, taking over Trotters Bakery.

Whatever, it was truly magnificent, huge crispy chips and giant cod, as good as I’ve had this year.

And as I scoffed it by the boatyard, I reckoned my unnecessary return to Amble was a brilliant mistake.

*The other Amble GBG entry had hilariously duff signage in 2019 now I remember.

**Blimey, also just found out that this is the Lewis’s that I raved about in Seahouses last year !


  1. Let me get this straight. You went all the way to Amble and found the pub before realising you’d been there before and then you didn’t go in. Is that just because you’d been there before? Or because you remembered you didn’t like it?

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    1. I’ve stayed well clear of petrol stations since Friday, Paul. Don’t like queueing and can do without the opprobrium. So won’t be able to make my weekly trip to see my parents or tick new pubs !

      And yes, they really were worth it, enjoyed under an Immingham sunset and washed down with a half in a posh village near Scunthorpe. (all of that is true btw).


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