That’s right, take the mick (they probably are called Dick) out of John Smiths drinkers to promote your artisan micro pub in Amble.


Worked for me, although my first thought was “definite pre-emptive tick“.

Tiny place, bustling with a mixed crowd, reminded me immediately of the Angel in Belper.


The first thing you’ll notice is how similar the beer range is to the Mason’s.

Rivet Catcher is the North-Eastern Betty Stogs

Then you’ll casually peruse the menu and see they do Nettle cheese.

Shaky hands a bad sign

Well, why not ?

It was the cheese plate or chips, and chips aren’t healthy (are they ?).

We Want Plates

The dads came in, eyeing up my table for four.  Why do micropubs never have small tables ?

Feeling guilty about occupation of the big table

Great idea, though the cheeses made little impression if I’m honest (NCSS 2.5), but the Credence Porter was superb (NBSS 3.5).  Same brewery two pubs five minutes apart, two very different impressions left. #CaskAleLottery.

And there’s the rub.  You know what you’re getting with John Smiths.




15 thoughts on ““GOT NEE JOHN SMITHS LIKE”

    1. Agreed. Many home brew/railway arch porters and stouts are like a blunt instrument in flavour terms and poor brewing is disguised better.


  1. Well, you know what you’re getting when you go to Blackpool, but I don’t think that I’d choose it in preference to somewhere that I’d never been in the Channel Islands, say.


      1. I
        Only in keg. And I’ve only seen that in Barnsley.

        Cask Magnet would have been in my top 10 pints (pub near Worksop, 2001).

        As with Adnams Extra, Draught Burton Ale and Workie Ticket, great beers trampled in mad rush for a new ale every time


  2. Cambria is a name for Wales, being the Latinised form of the Welsh name for the country, Cymru says Wiki.
    It’s also a one-street town that benefits from its vicinity to Hearst Castle, the Disney-like creation at San Simeon built by a newspaper tycoon.
    Being an aficiando of TV property porn Mrs PP-T is keen to visit the sprawling monstrosity, me less so on account of my gammy knee.( Update – it’s not gout but as my orthopedic surgeon brother informed me after looking at the MRI scan, ” totally f*cked up, bro ” or words to that effect.)
    Cambria has some eye-wateringly expensive restaurants, a really great sipping whiskey saloon called Mozzi’s and a micro, complete with limited opening hours, blokes with beards and over-priced homebrew.
    Upon relieving me of $14 for a pint and a thimble of cider the Beard, unprompted, apologised ” for our President. ”
    ” No need pal, I really like his taste in women. That Melania is a smoking hot babe ” I cheerfully replied.
    An early outing for what I hope to be a running gag on this road trip into the belly of the beast that is the liberal, hippie, Democrat strongholds of California and Oregon.
    Winding up wokes.
    Mind you it’s the only running left that I can do these days.


    1. The whole country was Wales more or less when the Romans arrived.

      That’s how Camberwell got its name I read. There’s a pub there called the Cambria too.

      You should have left that running malarkey until you were fifty-seven, as I did, Prof.


    2. P P-T,
      You know how I hesitate to mention my wonky knees on a site about beer and pubs but ” totally f*cked up, bro ” is precisely what the MRI scan revealed about my worst knee 2½ years ago but that was before I had discovered Glucosamine.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alas, it wasn’t a pub, that pulled out of a side street, and took Mrs. E off her bike and over the bonnet, Martin.

        It is a talking point, though.


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