A third micro/bottle shop in a row as we approached the conclusion of Derbyshire.

Derbyshire complete

As so often the case, Pubmeister had beat me to it, leaving detailed instructions on what to drink at the Angels.  Arriving in the market place on Saturday afternoon, it looked very shut.

Wrong one

No doubt you noticed my mistake quicker than I did.

Right one

It’s next to the Monki Do tattoo parlour. Of course it is.  You can probably get a tattoo of a certain Black Sabbath album cover there.

Queue at the bar

It was back to a traditional “Queue at the bar to order” scenario at the Angel, a tiny place resembling my village football club hut.

But a very, very pubby feel that I loved.

To my left, a chap with a Shoreditch moustache and braces playing cards with his child.

Hipster Belper

To the front right (being ignored by Mrs RM below), a chap with a man bun and lumberjack shirt, drinking pints of porter.

Mrs RM on phone

and to the left, a big group of mates on pints of Citra.


One of the most diverse bunches of customers I’ve seen in a micro.  But all on pints and in gorgeous Bass glasses.

Fantastic prices, too.  Here, a half of Abbeydale, a cup of tea and a packet of posh crisps cost £3.30. Compare that with Ashbourne.

Not artisanal

A challenging range of beers included a certain Plum Porter, but Duncan said go for the Abbeydale Unbeliever Grapefruit and Hibiscous Sour, so we did.


It was weird, but I wished they’d serve Bass in the Bass glasses.







17 thoughts on “ANGELS IN BELPER

  1. Full credit to them for paying tribute to the classic Black Sabbath album cover of “Heaven and Hell”.

    But I have to agree that there’s nothing better than Bass to put in Bass glasses 😀

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  2. Great place. Will try and link your post into mine when I do it. Actually beer of the day there was Thornbridge dry-hopped Jaipur (5.9%) which I was given a generous taste of but couldn’t order as I was driving. Assumed you were too hence my lower gravity left field recommendation. Also initially made mistake of assuming the closed Angels was it (rising panic).

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  3. Looking at that highlighted section there are some tremendous boozers in Derbyshire…Has Smisby got an entry? Not been to Angels but looks like a proper pub to all intents and purposes and well worth a vist. Best moustache I’ve seen in 2018 and surely should be limited to drinking at the My Fahter’s Moustach pub under PUB guidelines?

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    1. “Best moustache I’ve seen in 2018 and surely should be limited to drinking at the My Fahter’s Moustach pub under PUB guidelines?”

      (doffs hat)

      Well done sir! 🙂

  4. Abbeydale have been pushing the boundaries lately with some really interesting beers. Reading the thread I would have gone for the dry hopped Jaipur myself.

    Can’t help thinking, why don’t they put Bass in Marston’s glasses these days?


  5. I think someone will need to write an illustrated book about micros soon – their quirkiness would make it very interesting (Boak and Bailey may already be writing it for all I know).

    In all fairness I think I’d have to say that it’s a serving hatch – not a bar – but very in keeping with it’s football club hut or village hall feel.

    I’m wondering whether the moustache man is the same one I saw at the Pot Still in Rupert Bear clothes. He’s a real throwback to the 1940’s…
    …perhaps if you’d shouted “scramble” he would have jumped into his flying overalls and rushed out to look for his Spitfire?

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  6. “No doubt you noticed my mistake quicker than I did.”

    The pottery and china sign gave it away. 😉


    The woman with the red jacket on the back of her chair has a Bass glass I do believe.

    “It was weird, but I wished they’d serve Bass in the Bass glasses.”

    Ah. So, false advertising then. 🙂



  7. Grapefruit and Hibiscus– are you sure when Duncan advised you to order that it wasn’t a prank? 😉 Actually my friend in Macclesfield says he’s become a big fan of sour beers, so maybe I need to broaden my horizons. The sours I’ve had have always struck me as an interesting experiment, but not something I could make a mainstay.

    That must be the most pub-like pottery store in the UK; can’t blame you for being misled!


  8. Aha, actually been there. The muriel is most intriguing though, I don’t remember that. I do remember some decent Titanic beer in a Bass glass, however!

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