davA micro pub with proper seating, quality local ales, and pork pies. As they say, what’s not to like ?

No ducks, swizz

It was raining cats and ducks as we arrived at the station of one of southern Derbyshire’s poshest villages.

A lot are going on

The Amber Valley would have near the top of my list for a predicted boom in micros and small brewery taps, and so it proves.  In Duffield, the Town Street Tap is a classy affair.


I looked at the beer board while Mrs RM grabbed the lowest table possible. A nice lady in an apron walked over and asked Mrs RM what she wanted.

My husband is at the bar looking

I AM the bar

So Mrs RM had to get up and squint at the beer list herself, before asking me what to have (always look behind the bar to see which one has been pulled, Mrs RM).

Table service isn’t for everyone, standing at the bar annoying other bloggers can be a joy. But it seems a feature of Midlands micros (e,g. Burton) that’s here to stay.

“I am the bar”
Squint at the beer list

The beer, from Tollgate and Magpie, was superb (NBSS 4) and the pub full of couples and groups, with a feel closer to Buxton Tap than Herne.

And they’re big fans of Wigan’s finest.


Just one thing. Loads of dogs, but they wouldn’t let a young couple with a baby in, a chap next to me saying “We come here to get away from kids” as they left.

Pubs of all types can do what they like, of course, but I do prefer a pub where all well-behaved visitors are welcome, whatever their age or  drink ofchoice.

In complete contrast, the Pattenmakers Arms ,set among the solid stone cottages west of the centre, is a rather more boisterous affair.


It seemed a little busier than when Ian (BeerMat) visited a couple of weeks ago (here), and I’d have paid a return visit if they hadn’t dropped the Bass from the jug.  But, as you’ll find out on Ian’s blog, there’s other places that keep the Bass faith.









  1. A blog I couldn’t agree more with 👍 visited those two on a Wednesday evening recently with two pals one of them loved the tap and I agree the tollgate beer is …so far… magnificent whenever I’ve had it . Pattenmakers had feel of place in need of some life but potentially good…best place was just up the road king William in Milford

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “while Mrs RM grabbed the lowest table possible. ”

    Can’t wait till you blog from a visit to Japan. 😉

    ““I am the bar””

    So… North American style then.

    Oh, and if they’re going to be “the bar” shouldn’t they have a beer menu they could leave with you to peruse?

    “but they wouldn’t let a young couple with a baby in, ”

    Well, their sign mentions boots, paws and pedals, but not prams. 😉



  3. “I am the bar” is unusually philosophical for such an encounter. Agree with you and Beermat on the quality of the Tollgate beer. Not sure why they list the beers on that high beam though- not the most accessible.


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