We finished Derbyshires’s GBG entries at the White Hart, the Amber Valley Pub of the Year for the last 2 years, which says something about how long it takes to get in the Beer Guide.

Lots going on here

Nominally in Belper, but as you’ll see it’s in Bargate, or possibly Higher Holbrook. Anyway, a stiff uphill walk out of town (both ways), passing this austere Proper Pub on the way.

Old King’s Head – serves Pedi

It’s all micros in the Guide round here now, so a stone brick community pub like the White Hart is a surprise.


Even more surprising is the beer range…

Hardy & Hanson lives !!! (sorry Alan)

There was (bargain) Oakham Inferno as well, cool and tasty (NBSS 4), but it’s not the beer obscurity that pulls in a full house of mature drinkers on a Saturday evening.  It just felt very pubby, in a way that Stockport’s top boozers do.  Loads of pointless but lovely village chat over a Tom Petty soundtrack.

Bench seating

It doesn’t look like a classic, despite bench seating, straight glasses and an absence of jam jars.

It’s a dog’s life

Couples and groups came in and eyed up our table, or perhaps they were just reading the football scores on the giant screen.  I noted the score from Chesterfield was not yet in, clearly a result of having kicked off late to give Duncan time to get there.

I liked it a lot.  Mrs RM hated it. She kept tripping over dogs.  There were more canines than Carling drinkers in the public.  Next door, the lounge was full of young children, cast out of Duffield’s micros. The White Hart catered for all.

Creche to the left of me, kennels to the right, said Mrs RM.






  1. “Lots going on here”

    Ben must have been popular, seeing as he has his own farm and well (and possibly spring). And do those FBs at the top indicate Facebook charging stations? 😉

    ” a stiff uphill walk out of town (both ways)”

    Meaning it didn’t matter if you took Bargate Road or Sandbed Lane. 🙂

    “Creche to the left of me, kennels to the right, said Mrs RM.”

    Nice segue from Tom Petty to Stealers Wheel. 😉


    Liked by 1 person

      1. “Do you have lots of dogs in your bars ?”

        Normally it’s only if their with someone blind or who needs this newfangled emotional support thingy. 😉


      2. ” Normally it’s only if their with someone blind….”
        I’m going to call this one a reverse Russ ferret.


      3. “I’m going to call this one a reverse Russ ferret.”

        I confess, that was ‘fingers ahead of brain’ syndrome. Was going to type something along the lines of their blind support and then changed course midway. (blush)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Beer V Pub? What came first? Which is the more important? Discuss.

    Mind you, reading your posts and those of other regular contributors who seem to prefer Marston’s, in all it’s nefarious guises (including the one with the red triangle), it would appear that the pub comes well above the many aspects upon which we may judge our pint of beer.

    Liked by 1 person

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