Calm down, calm down. There’s plenty of Stella left.

My next post, from the Saturday evening after watching City bash Arsenal 5-0 and still seeing our fans complain on Blue Moon, was a night out with Mrs RM to visit ANOTHER new Sheffield pub.

Look how far I made her walk;

Actually, I must have taken her on a scenic stroll, as this is the view of the Ponderosa.

Where are we going ?” she kept asking, as I made her walk up yet another little hill into the heart of north-west central industrial Sheffield. Actually, it’s mostly Chinese students round here, and a classic Chinese restaurant or two.

I challenge anyone to find Perch without an I-phone. Garden Street must be Sheffield’s most unsung lane, and the signage is of the “Grantham Beehive” variety.


On first view, this probably won’t be on the Old Codger’s list of historic Sheffield pubs if they visit me (I’ll be out, in Maidenhead if necessary). Though the mirrors are worth a look.

Don’t dwell too much on the empty seats; most punters were outside (see: Mudie’s post here).

Mrs RM warmed to the design quicker than I did if I’m honest, and it’s definitely a work-in-progress.

But the guest beers (a swap with their in-house Dead Parrot brews) won me over.

And the giant sofa was a nice place to slouch with two foaming pints (NBSS 3/3.5).

The Guvnor was cheery and chatty, dispensing sample of steaming pizzas from the open-view oven, so we had one in the interests of my gourmand blog audience.

What’s that big tank over the bar ?” I asked.


“Stella ?”

Yes, Perch will be the first in the UK to offer Stella Artois from the tank, and without CO2. It says on their Facebook, so it must be true.

They’ve not got those tank supplies yet, but I had a half anyway to annoy Mrs RM. It was OK. No, it was better than OK.

I THINK this may have been my first ever Stella Artois. If I make it to 60, I may sample Staropramen for you.

NB Citra found Perch busy on his visit last week, which is good to hear.

7 thoughts on “PERCH – ON THE EDGE

  1. My husband drinks Stella occasionally if there is nothing else to tempt him -he has learnt from experience not to drink more than a couple of pints though – if he changed into a vest & grey jogging bottoms I would get out of the way .Fortunatley he is not that way inclined

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