I assumed you’d want to see what Horden looks like.

The Bell, which is the last licensed place that ISN’T a club left in this mining village, is a gem.

Well beyond my normal budget, but with the addition of the new railway station (back after 50+ years) last summer it has added value for the ticker.

A few locals in the public bar (unmarked on What Pub) were enjoying the range of craft keg.

No, of course they weren’t. They were all drinking Strongbow Dark Fruits, the Newcy Brown of the North.

Meanwhile, the fire exit down to the “Courtyarden” had an emergency bottle of gin on every step;

The Durham mining coast isn’t an hotbed of cask, barring the Spoons in Peterlee and the micros of Hartlepool and Seaham, but you don’t come here for beer. Or the culinary delights, though I counted a dozen takeaways.

Groundhoppers come for the Welfare Ground,

walkers for the beaches and the bucolic landscapes of Castle Eden,

and clubbers can enjoy a range of options including the Labour Club, the Legion, the Victory Club and the Comrades.

I’m sorry, you’ve missed Monkey Punch, but THOR awaits you at the end of the month at the Comrades.

Go on, you know you want to.

3 thoughts on “EAST OF PETERLEE

  1. Not sure about the station reference. Has one reopened? Has a new one been built, or has a new rail line been laid?
    Failing that, is there a pub in the town that is called the station? 🤔


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