Bishop Auckland is the childhood home of Stanley Jefferson (Laurel), named after the legendary Wetherspoons opposite the church.

Spoons have lovingly commissioned a statue of our comedic heroes (my fav is The Piano), though I think it’s based on a still from their posthumous 1966 comeback when the CGI effects went awry.

Not in the GBG, and I scored the beer low a decade ago, so what on earth am I doing here now when there’s probably a pre-emptive at the station ?

Chicken bites in soy sauce, of course. The trick is to NOT drop the chicken bite IN the boiling sauce, but I’ve never mastered that. This was the BEST chicken bites so far. Make a note.

I’m sure they must have had the standard Doom Bar and Abbot on, but I only saw the one beer (on a choice of pumps).

And you’ll never believe it; the bloke in front was ordering a pint !

Honestly, it was great, just like in the Spoons at Houghton le Spring recently. Cool, rich, Plum Porter-ish NBSS 3.5.

When Spoons get it right, they really get it right. All around me was joy and laughter and love in Bishop Auckland.

Wait till that craft bar opens round the corner though.

4 thoughts on “STANLEY !

      1. Wikipedia suggests that Stan was born in Ulverston and went to school in Bishop Auckland, so you’re both right and can share the Doom Bar.

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