A weekend in Durham, but a raid into Northumberland for what we GBG tickers call “a straggler”.

No-one has ever called Blanchland (pop.135) a straggler before.

Blanchland was, I presume, built in the 17/18th century in order to later provide the setting for filming Catherine Cookson period dramas.

With a bit more effort from Mrs RM, we could possibly have ticked this one on our Hadrian’s Wall walk in May; note the sign below right marking the Wall’s trail.

DON’T climb those stairs, tempting as they seem, you never know where they might be hiding a micro pub.

Instead, head for the Lord Crew(e) Arms,

and marvel at the vaults and crypts in a place that will cost you £219 to stay next week.

The pilgrimage from door to bar still involves a Covid-secure one way system, but at least the yellow and black tape that scarred our pubs during Lockdown has gone.

WHY did I go for the Twice Brewed Pale (NBSS 2.5) ? Do I never learn ?

A medieval vaulted room, sculpted by thick stone walls, lit by candle style ambience, and warmed with the chatter of Blanchland villagers” says What Pub.

Sadly just me and the drunken Abbot and a lovely barman attempting to make contactless work in a crypt without internet, and the sounds of “I Will Always Love You” wafting over the smell of smoke. Regulars at the Cricketers in Bordesley will be delighted to know that this time it was the Whitney Oooston version.

10 thoughts on “BLANCHLAND – TO THE VAULTS

    1. Very astute, Dave. County Durham and Northumberland have far fewer boozers serving cask (outside Durham itself) so Guide entries often smart hotel restaurants, Wetherspoons or micropubs.


      1. And if you were headed out to a dinner you have to say that place would have some attraction. Kind of an interesting interior. Just not really a pub.

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  1. Lovely -looks like they are expecting to serve some 2 course meals with bread rolls (although it would put me off to walk into an empty pub all set out to eat )

    Liked by 1 person

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